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AVANI Episonic 6pc Professional Skin Care System

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AVANI Episonic 6pc Professional Skin Care System

Bring the luxury spa experience into your home. EpiSONIC is a waterproof device for ultimate use in the shower and bath. Functions in 4 different capacities, utilizing 4 attachments; a Big Brush for the body, Small Brush for the face, a Pumice for rough areas and a Facial Sponge. Removable rotating heads provide a variety of benefits to promote healthy skin. 3.4oz


Small Facial Brush cleanses by getting deep into pores.

Large Body Brush cleanses entire body more thoroughly than a loofah or body sponges.

Facial Buffer assists in absorption of moisturizers to erase fine lines and dark spots. 

Pumice Stone smooth’s out rough areas such as heels, knees and elbows.